How to Read a Book

John Piper
How to Read a Book

It’s that time of year when students and teachers are going “back to school” after the summer vacation. John Piper describes this new poem as “playful, though serious,” and we hope it will both clarify and energize the productive enterprise of reading, whether you’re starting a new semester or reading the daily news. – Editor

On Reading Well
A Meditation on C. S. Lewis’s
Experiment in Criticism, pages 100–101

Would you attain an author’s sense?
Or only what you see?
Perhaps your sight is... Continue Reading

Why We Won’t Back Down

David Mathis
Why We Won’t Back Down

What if Tom Petty wrote an anthem for 21st-century evangelicals?

In the increasingly post-Christian worlds of Europe and North America, society relentlessly pressures biblically faithful Christians to back down. Back down on your stance against abortion. Back down on your refusal to condone homosexual practice and so-called “gay marriage.” Back down on claiming your Bible is inerrant. Back down on male leadership in the church and the home. Back down on the exclusive sufficiency of... Continue Reading

Your Life in God’s Theater

Tony Reinke
Your Life in God’s Theater

Theology is inherently theatrical — there’s a stage (creation), a script (Scripture), a main Actor (our Triune God), secondary actors (the Church), and a historical plot (creation, fall, redemption, and restoration). Which is to say the work of theology is more than the right formulation of orthodox principles. By following the contours of redemptive history, theology serves the Church by helping her understand her identity and role in the world, and in the cosmic drama in... Continue Reading

Will You Be a Believer Tomorrow Morning?

John Piper
Will You Be a Believer Tomorrow Morning?

Christian, how do you know you will still be a believer when you wake up in the morning? And every morning till you meet Jesus?

The biblical answer is: God will see to it.

Are you okay with that? Does this make you uneasy, admitting it depends decisively on God? I hope it is your joy and song. It really does have huge implications to believe this. Let God’s word shape your mind on it.

We must endure in faith to enter heaven.

By itself “must” is not a gospel word. By... Continue Reading

A Song to Help Us Long for Jesus

Jonathan Parnell

Music has a unique ability to affect the human soul. The synergy of words and tunes helps us express reality, and feel reality, especially when it resonates with our deepest desires.

“Lord, I want to yearn for you” is a simple line. But for the heart whose passionate pursuit is to know Jesus, this line is an earnest prayer. It is a soundtrack for the life that longs to treasure him more.

Shane & Shane will be leading a “Night of Worship” at our upcoming National... Continue Reading

A Tantrum for My Transformation

Christina Fox
A Tantrum for My Transformation

Some days I wake up and nothing seems to go right.

The alarm fails to sound. The kids are slow to get ready. The fridge is empty of milk (after I set the table with bowls of cereal). And then the route to an appointment is filled with red lights. Soon I find myself stuck for an hour in a tiny exam room, waiting for the doctor to show up while my boys bounce off the walls. After the appointment, we stop at the grocery store on the way home (for the milk) and the boys act like... Continue Reading

The Gospel of the Wall of Jericho

John Piper
The Gospel of the Wall of Jericho

Your wall, O wicked Jericho, your ancient, mighty wall,
Your shame, where you have made your infants’ blood renowned,
Your boast, your monument, your Babel, tall
And endless on its side, bent ’round
Into a ring, a thrust,
Betrothing you
To dust;

Your wall, your peace, your life you thought would ever thrive,
Now hollowed with four centuries of pride
Into a labyrinthine hive
Of honeyed lust inside,
With brothels all
Will fall;

But for one slender segment, with its rooms
And beds and... Continue Reading

Work Like an Arminian, Sleep Like a Calvinist?

Tony Reinke
Work Like an Arminian, Sleep Like a Calvinist?

It was the topic of Ask Pastor John episode 143, and it became the most played episode we released in the last two weeks.

The slogan, “work like an Arminian, sleep like a Calvinist,” initially may sound humorous, but it’s also unhelpful, says Pastor John.

The reason I don’t like saying, “work like an Arminian, sleep like a Calvinist,” is because I think it’s misleading. . . . It is historically false to imply that Calvinism produced less work than others. The... Continue Reading

Jesus Has Overcome the World

Jon Bloom
Jesus Has Overcome the World

One thing the Bible is not is utopist about life in this world. It gets unfairly criticized for encouraging a pessimism that makes people passive about doing anything to improve things; people who are “too heavenly minded to be any earthly good.”

Of course, that’s a lot of hogwash. History has shown that those who have a hope of heaven are far more likely than their agnostic neighbors to willingly make the personal sacrifices necessary to seriously address the horrors and... Continue Reading

What God Says to Egypt

John Piper
What God Says to Egypt

Egypt! Egypt!
A Meditation for Today
on Isaiah 19:24–25

O Egypt, Egypt, do you not
Recall, dear friend — have you forgot —
That twice you were the savior of
My only Son — though not from love?

You fed him in the famine. Then
You took him for a slave. And when
I rescued him, I made you know
My name, my power, and how much woe
Will fall on those who mock my Son.

And when he came again, the One
That Herod would destroy, he fled
Once more to his dear friend who fed
Him once before. And there you hid
... Continue Reading