Love God with Your Everything

Jason DeRouchie

Love. There are few things so universal and yet so challenging. Love for God. “The most important commandment,” says Jesus (Mark 12:29–30), and one that both the old and new covenants portray as necessary to enjoy God’s sustained favor. As Moses asserted, Yahweh “keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations,” but he “repays to their face those who hate…

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Pornography: The New Narcotic

John Piper

The new narcotic. Morgan Bennett just published an article by this title. The thesis:

Neurological research has revealed that the effect of internet pornography on the human brain is just as potent — if not more so — than addictive chemical substances such as cocaine or heroin.

To make matters worse, there are 1.9 million cocaine users, and 2 million heroin users, in the United States compared to 40…

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All Lewis Conference Media Now Available

Marshall Segal

Whether you’ve read the Chronicles of Narnia, the Space Trilogy, Mere Christianity, or other works by C.S. Lewis, you’ve probably wanted to ask him some questions. While we can’t give you the man himself — he died 50 years ago this fall — we might have your answer. Or 23 of them.

Our recent national conference dove deeply into the life, heart, and influence of Lewis, celebrating all we’ve…

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15 Quotes from the C.S. Lewis Conference

Tony Reinke

As we finish uploading all the audio and video of the C.S. Lewis conference online for you in the next few hours, here’s a sampling of fifteen quotes from the conference talks that caught our attention. These will give you a flavor of what to expect when you enjoy the conference recordings for yourself (soon).

UPDATE: All the conference media is now available.

Douglas Gresham, conference introduction video —

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A Prayer for the Worried Mom’s Heart

Christina Fox

Do you ever worry?

I think we can all admit that we do. In fact, we probably worry more than we realize. As a mother, I find myself worrying about my children, about their health, their learning, and whether I can just make it to bedtime each day.

I also find myself worried about paying bills, about my husband’s travel for work, and about that message from my doctor needing…

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How to Be Interesting and Unhelpful

John Piper

The point of this little exhortation is that, in handling the Scriptures, sanctification and speculation rise and fall in inverse proportion. As speculation increases, sanctification decreases. The more guessing the less blessing.

Few people would give their life for a speculation. Few will gouge out an eye or cut off a hand, because of a guess. Suppositions make weak expositions.

Here’s the sort of thing I have in mind.


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The Biggest Spectacle at Catalyst

Marshall Segal

ATLANTA — It was our first time at Catalyst, and we were prepared for some highly produced craziness.

They have fired a man from a cannon, belly-flopped another guy 30 feet into a kiddie pool, offered camel rides onsite, and set ridiculous world record after ridiculous world record — including bubbles, Frisbees, and whoopee cushions. Not exactly where you expect to find our 67-year-old Pastor John.

But the biggest spectacle…

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It’s Just Complicated — And Very Simple

David Mathis

The Christian life can be so complex — and oh so very simple.

That we would use such a fancy word as sanctification betrays the complexity. But that defining such a big word could be so easy hints at the simplicity.

Big Word, Modest Meaning

The word sanctification is built on the Latin sanctus, meaning “holy.” Sanctification is the theological term we Christians often use for the process of…

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Does Success Start on Sunday?

Jonathan Parnell

In the outskirts of the city, on a road that’s walked as much as driven, a typical car brakes at a red light.

It is the kind of car so typical that the actual model stays blurry in memory. It is the kind of braking so natural that the driver must know this block. Everything in the scene fits: the worn road, the red light, the common car, but not…

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Smiting the Green-Eyed Monster

David Mathis

It’s everywhere you turn, yet so easily keeps itself hidden.

It’s pervasive in advertising and steers the course of political debates. It lives in all our hearts, but seems so petty that we’re unwilling to admit its presence.

But in God’s economy, envy is sinful and dangerous. It makes frequent cameos in the New Testament lists of nastiness (Mark 7:22; Romans 1:29; 1 Timothy 6:4; Titus 3:3). We hear that…

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