J.I. Packer’s Conversion

Tony Reinke

Just this week, J.I. Packer celebrated his 87th birthday. We asked him to explain the formative role and influence of C.S. Lewis’s writings on his teen years, his conversion, and his later ministry, which he explains in this three-minute video.

A special early-bird rate for the Desiring God 2013 National Conference on C.S. Lewis ends at 11:59pm Friday night.

More on C.S. Lewis from Desiring God:

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New Poem: ‘The Book of Life’

John Piper

Before the night he was betrayed,     
     The Lord of glory died;
Indeed before the world was made, 
     The Lamb was crucified.

Before the sin, the spear, the lash 
     (Eternal was the flood!)
God put his inkwell at the gash,
     And filled it with his blood;

Then with his crimson ink and quill,
     A holy world compiled,…

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When (Seemingly) Opposites Meet: Keller and Piper on Lewis

Jonathan Parnell

C.S. Lewis has been called the “Romantic Rationalist” because he brings together two seemingly opposite things. He is both rationally sharp and imaginatively brilliant, which is a rare combination.

In this five-minute video, Tim Keller and John Piper talk about some remarkable juxtapositions in Lewis and his influence on their lives.

A special early-bird rate for the Desiring God 2013 National Conference on C.S. Lewis is available if you register

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Yahweh Is the Sweetest Name I Know

John Piper

You are not wrong to sing, “Jesus is the sweetest name I know,” even though Yahweh is.

Here’s why.

God gave himself the name Yahweh. No man gave him this name. It is God’s chosen personal name. He loves to be known by this name. It is used over 5,000 times in the Old Testament. It is almost always translated by Lᴏʀᴅ (small caps). But it is not a title.…

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How God Makes Our Nothing into Everything

David Mathis

The best place to be with empty hands is at the foot of the God who loves to make much of the least.

He is powerful enough to take the weak, and their nothing, and make it into everything for his glory and their everlasting joy. He is the God whose relentless pursuit of his own glory is not to our detriment but to our deepest satisfaction, both in enjoying…

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For Those Feeling Forgotten

Marshall Segal

Some of the greatest disappointments in our relationships are made in the moments our memories fail us. No one enjoys being forgotten, especially by those we love most.

Your memory is one of the most powerful and fragile things about you. When it’s good, you can surprise the 64-year-old birthday boy or be there to celebrate ten years in with the not-so-newlyweds. When it’s bad, you forget your coffee appointment…

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Some Kindling for Your Embers

John Piper

We all feel small.

That’s because we are small. John Piper may seem like a big fish in the little evangelical pond. But in the ocean of the world, I am statistically a nobody.

But we are attached to the Creator of the world through his Son Jesus, and we are part of his global purpose for all nations that cannot be stopped.

Fire Up Your Hope

Take three minutes…

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Trayvon, Race, and Gospel Ministry (Ask Pastor John)

Tony Reinke

Excepting a few tweeted links to various articles, Pastor John didn’t write anything new himself in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict in the Trayvon Martin case.

In a Q&A discussion this week at the Campus Outreach Global Staff Conference in Orlando, a group of African American ministry leaders asked him why he chose not to respond. We served up the same question to him, and he responded from…

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Seven Ways to Pray for Your Heart

Jon Bloom

Over the years, as I’ve prayed for my own heart, I’ve accumulated seven “D’s” that I have found helpful. Maybe you’ll find them helpful as well.

With seven you can use them a number of ways. You might choose one “D” per day. Or you could choose one “D” as a theme for a week and pray through these every seven weeks. You’ll also note that I have a verse…

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John Piper Explains the 10 Most Popular Bible Verses

Jonathan Parnell

What are the ten most popular Bible verses in the world? And what do they mean?

YouVersion tallied the list. Now John Piper has expounded the texts.

Since YouVersion was created in 2008, it has become the most widely used Bible app, recently reaching over 100 million downloads worldwide. It is available on nearly every mobile device manufactured today.

Last year they identified the most bookmarked verses within the app.…

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