Who Is P.G. Wodehouse, and Why Should It Matter to Us?

Douglas Wilson

On one level, reading the works of P.G. Wodehouse provides its own justification — provided you are looking to justify the reading of light comedy at the beach. But who actually needs to justify that kind of thing? To consume a literary soufflé brings its own reward, and no heavy, sick feeling afterwards. Tangled plots, no sex or violence, memorable characters, hilarious dialogue . . . what could be better?…

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Would We Have Been Friends? Keller and Piper on Lewis

Jonathan Parnell

C.S. Lewis tended to be generous, maybe even too generous.

Lewis’s influence is profound in the lives of Tim Keller and John Piper, but they both wonder whether they would be friends with him if he were still alive. Would Lewis’s imposing logic have made it difficult? Perhaps Lewis was too welcoming to figures outside the bounds of orthodoxy?

In the latest five-minute video, Keller and Piper ponder these points…

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He Loved Me and Gave Himself for Me

John Piper

I want believers in Christ to enjoy being loved by God to the greatest degree possible. And I want God to be magnified to the greatest degree possible for loving us the way he does. This is why it matters to me what Jesus really accomplished for us when he died.

There is a common way of thinking about Christ’s death that diminishes our experience of his love. It involves…

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No Christian Suffering Is Meaningless

David Mathis

Everyone in the world wants this. Every person on the planet aches for real hope — to find the secret of real strength and joy and significance.

Put another way, no one longs to lose heart. No one desires to be discouraged. No one wants the breath knocked out of their hope. And the apostle Paul claims to have found the key.

In this new exposition of 2 Corinthians 4:16–18,…

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Desiring God for God

Tony Reinke

Green Mount Cemetery is a 174-year-old, 60-acre plot of land in downtown Baltimore. It stands like a fortress, separated from the city and her bustle by a thick stone wall perimeter. Through a narrow stone archway entrance and inside the wall, street noise fades and time seems to stop, and acres of rolling hills and stone ornaments rise into the sky.

The sea of memorials are scrubbed old by the…

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Church Planting and Missional Communities

David Mathis

Milk cows and plant a church.

It’s a line ready-made by veteran New England planters to adjust the expectations of new ministry entrepreneurs in the region. Don’t expect a cushion of financial support and a nice cushy study and church building. Come ready to till tough soil and do bi-vocational work.

Many say that God seems to be moving in some fresh and exciting ways in the Northeast. Some…

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How Jesus Exposed the Idol of Self-Glory

Jon Bloom

The love of our own glory is the greatest competitor with God in our hearts. And sometimes we cloak this idol in a pious disguise. In Matthew 21, Jesus exposed this idol in the hearts of a few men with a single question.

It was the final week before Jesus’s day of judgment — the day he would stand before his Father’s bar of justice bearing the sins of all…

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Shane & Shane Invite You to Our National Conference

Jonathan Parnell

Musical artists Shane & Shane will be leading an evening of corporate worship at our upcoming National Conference in September. In this short video, they invite you to join us.

A special early-bird rate for the Desiring God 2013 National Conference on C.S. Lewis ends at 11:59pm Friday night.

More on C.S. Lewis from Desiring God:

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It’s Good to Be a Jar of Clay

Trillia Newbell

Clay jars are delicate. They crack easily even though they may seem relatively durable.

On one hand, clay jars are refined by fire. There are several steps to making them, culminating with the kiln. This furnace carries the clay from an unfinished product to a household amenity. But once completed, the slightest nudge on the corner table could send a jar plummeting to its demise. The durability is deceiving. The…

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