Panel Discussion - Piper, Tripp, Kauflin, and Taylor

In this panel discussion, Justin Taylor asks questions of John Piper, Paul Tripp, Dan Taylor, and Bob Kauflin. Here are the questions and you can listen for the answers.

  • Bob, you had a Job-like experience. How did the Lord use his words and the words of others to bring you through it?
  • Paul, a lot of people must think you had an idyllic upbringing. Could you tell your own story about how the Lord brought you to himself?
  • John, what do you mean by “the joy and the miracle of self-forgetfulness”? Are there strategies to cultivate it?
  • How do you recognize the work of the Spirit in your life and the fruit of it and the progress you’ve made? Paul said, “Be imitators of me,” and yet he was being humble. How does that work?
  • How should we use our bodies in worship?
  • What would be some counsel for people to become more creative in a God-centered way?
  • Could you talk about the role that art has had for you in the pursuit of holiness and the glory of God?
  • How do you give encouragement in a way that is not flattering of other people, and how do you receive it in a way that’s not prideful?

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