Happy Birthday, Mother!

Today is the 87th birthday of my mother, Pamela Henry.

Talitha and Noel Piper, Pam Henry

A couple of years ago, our Bethlehem M.O.M.S asked me to tell them what I learned by being my mother’s daughter. Only God knows all I’ve learned and am still learning from her.

Here’s a recent example. Mother broke her hip in May and hip replacement was the best way to help her toward healing. Within days of the surgery, I was hearing from my siblings that Mother was always one step ahead of what the doctors, nurses, and therapists were going to be asking of her. The day before she was going to be helped and trained to get out of bed and dress herself, she struggled triumphantly through the process herself.

She told me a couple of weeks ago, “I knew I couldn’t just wait and have things done for me. I had to make things happen, so I wouldn’t slip into being an invalid.”

And make things happen she does. When it was my turn to stay with her a month after her hip replacement surgery, she wasn’t allowed yet to drive, so all she really needed from me was that I drive her—to church because she was eager to gather again with God’s people...and to Curves so she could start working out again.

At Curves

As soon as possible she was off to jail again—as a Gideon Auxiliary member to meet monthly with women prisoners.

Psalm 127 says children are a heritage from the Lord. I say, that to the children, Godly parents are a heritage from the Lord.