Thanking God with Piper, Chandler, and Storms

It’s now been three months since John Piper transitioned from the local-church pastorate to full-time “wider” ministry through Desiring God.

The church gathered on April 14 for an appreciation and recommissioning service for her beloved Pastor John. There Piper gave a few formal words of farewell, and he and the church heard charges from ministry friends Sam Storms and Matt Chandler. A written summary of the evening has been available, but we wanted to note that video of the brief Piper, Storms, and Chandler messages is at Desiring God’s Vimeo channel, and embedded below.

John Piper, "Farewell Words to Bethlehem Baptist Church"

Matt Chandler, "Marveling at the Majesty of God"

Sam Storms, "Stay the Course"

Related to the Piper transition and recommissioning, Pastor John’s final words of thanks to the Bethlehem staff from a March 31 luncheon are available as well, to read or listen. For more on the recent transition: