The Introvert Pastor: An Interview with Jared Wilson

Authors on the Line

Jared Wilson is an introvert and a pastor, which in some circles is an irreconcilable paradox. So how exactly does a pastor wisely lead people when his energy is so quickly depleted by being around people?

This is one of many topics Jared Wilson addresses in his forthcoming book for pastors: The Pastor's Justification: Applying the Work of Christ in Your Life and Ministry (Crossway, July 31).

I put Wilson on the line to talk with him about introverts in the ministry, especially their strengths and pitfalls. We started by talking about his ministry and how gospel-centrality became a reality for him. Then we talked about the insecurity many pastors feel in their role. We spent the remainder of the time talking about “introversion,” what the word means, how pastoral ministry can force extroverted expectations on the pastor, and, on the other hand, how the “introvert” label can become a trump card excuse for laziness. He shares advice for pastors who are more comfortable in their study than in the fellowship hall. We talk about how introverts can protect the time they need to recharge, and he explores questions that introverts who are possibly called to the ministry need to ask early on.