What Is Lust?

Few things have destroyed more marriages, stolen more joy, or strangled more souls than lust. In this lab, John Piper tells us how we can fight it.

Some questions to ask as you read and study:

  1. Before watching the lab, take a minute to answer the principal question of this episode: What is lust?
  2. How does John Piper define lust? What does he say is at stake with indulging in it?
  3. How can you guard yourself this week against lustful temptation? Is there anyone you can bring into the fight with you for purity this week?

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Six Steps for Defeating Lust (ANTHEM)

Step 1: Avoid all possible temptation.

Step 2: Say, “No!” to every lustful thought.

Step 3: Turn your eyes toward Christ.

Step 4: Hold on to a promise from God.

Step 5: Enjoy Jesus more than sinful pleasure.

Step 6: Move away from idleness and find something to do.