Marriage on the Cosmic Stage: An Interview with Bible Scholar G. K. Beale

Authors on the Line

Christian marriage has been caught up into the cosmic drama of the gospel.

This is the theme of the first Authors of the Line podcast of 2013, and today we talk with Bible scholar G. K. Beale, the Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. His research on Ephesians has shed much light on how Christian marriage is shaped by the finished work of Christ in the inauguration of the New Creation. The patient reader will eventually encounter this material in his book A New Testament Biblical Theology (Baker Academic, 2011), somewhere around pages 880–884.

In his book, Dr. Beale writes this summary statement:

As husbands unconditionally love their wives and as wives respond to this love in a faithful manner, they are actors on a redemptive-historical stage performing a play before the onlooking audience of the world. (883)

In this podcast Dr. Beale offers a concise summary of Ephesians and then threads marriage into the summary to show how Christ’s finished work sets the stage for Christian marriage.