The Trinitarian Shape of Jonathan Edwards' Theology: An Interview with Michael McClymond

Authors on the Line

The theology of Jonathan Edwards is built around the living, triune God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But just how central is the Trinity for Edwards? How early in his life did the Trinity begin shaping his theology? How does this govern how Edwards understands love, and understands the origin of God’s impulse to create the universe, and understands the character and experience of heaven? And how does the Trinitarian nature of the Living God contrast all other forms of single-person or mono-person deities? And maybe most fundamental of all, just how biblical was Jonathan Edwards’s doctrine of the trinity in the first place?

With these questions we put Edwards scholar Michael McClymond on the line. Dr. McClymond is the author of the 800-page book, The Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Oxford, 2011), a book he co-wrote with Gerald McDermott.